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The S&P/ASX 200 index is a market-capitalization weighted and float-adjusted stock market index of stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The index is maintained by Standard & Poor's and is considered the benchmark for Australian equity performance. It is based on the 200 largest ASX listed stocks, which together account for about 82% (as of March 2017) of Australia's share market capitalization.[1]

The ASX 200 was started on 31 March 2000 with a value of 3133.3,[2] equal to the value of the All Ordinaries at that date. The ASX 200 reached 6,000 points for the first time on Thursday 15 February 2007.[3] On 22 December 2017, the ASX 200 was 6,069.[4] The ASX 200 crossed the 7,000 points level for the first time on 16 January 2020.[5]

Bloomberg, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance and Wikinvest use respectively the symbols AS51[6] .AXJO[7] ^AXJO[8] and AXJO[9] to refer to this index.

The ASX 200 webpage offers a Share market game as an educational tool with $50,000.00 AUD virtual cash.[10]


The ASX 200 is capitalization-weighted, meaning a company's contribution to the index is relative to its total market value i.e., share price multiplied by the number of tradeable shares. The ASX 200 is also float adjusted, meaning the absolute numerical contribution to the index is relative to the stock's value at the float of the stock.[11]

Although the calculation starts with a sum of the market capitalization of the constituent stocks, it is intended to reflect changes in share price, not market capitalization. Therefore, a fudge factor called the "Divisor" is used to ensure that the index value only changes when stock prices change, not whenever market capitalization changes. For example, if a company increases its market capitalization by issuing new shares, the Divisor is adjusted so that the ASX 200 index value does not change.

Contract Specifications[edit]

The ASX 200 (ticker symbol AP) is traded on the ASX 24 exchange (SFE) with a contract size of 25 x S&P/ASX Index Points.

Contract Specification[12]
Australian 200 (AP)
Contract Size: 25 X S&P/ASX 200 Index Points
Exchange: SFE
Sector: Index
Tick Size: 1
Tick Value: 25 AUD
Big Point Value (BPV): 25
Denomination: AUD
Decimal Place: 0


To be eligible for inclusion in the ASX 200 Index:[13]

  • Market capitalization: A stock's weight in the index is determined by the float-adjusted market capitalization of the stock. This is a function of current index shares, the latest available stock price and the Investable weight factor (IWF). The IWF represents the float-adjusted portion of a stock's equity capital. Therefore, any strategic holdings that are classified as either corporate, private or government holdings reduce the IWF which, in turn, results in a reduction in the float-adjusted market capital. Shares owned by founders, directors of the company, trusts, venture capitalists and other companies are also excluded. These are also deemed strategic holders and are considered long-term holders of a stock's equity. Any strategic shareholdings that are greater than 5% of total issued shares are excluded from the relevant float.
  • Liquidity: The trading volume in terms of dollar value and the number of transactions must exceed at least 0.025% of the sum of all eligible securities' trading volume. To ensure that no single company dominates trading, they are capped at a maximum of 15% for value, volume and transactions.
  • Listing: Only stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange will be considered for inclusion in any of the S&P/ASX indices.

Constituent companies[edit]

The number of companies in the index is dynamic and does not always amount to exactly 200. On average, the index is rebalanced every quarter by Standard & Poor's.[14]

As of 27 February 2022, the constituent stocks of the ASX 200 in alphabetical order by symbol are[15]

Code Company Sector Market Capitalisation Chairperson HQ
A2M The a2 Milk Company Consumer Staples 4,222,573,287 David Hearn Auckland
ABC Adbri Materials 2,114,513,278 Raymond Barro Adelaide
ABP Abacus Property Group Real Estate 2,504,889,941 Myra Salkinder Sydney
AGL AGL Energy Utilities 5,361,205,772 Peter Botten Sydney
AIA Auckland Airport Industrials 10,425,662,050 Dr Patrick Strange Auckland
AKE Allkem Materials Martin Rowley Brisbane
ALD Ampol Energy 6,915,526,913 Steven Gregg Sydney
ALL Aristocrat Leisure Consumer Discretionary 25,969,590,581 Neil Chatfield North Ryde
ALQ ALS Industrials 5,996,552,309 Bruce Phillips Brisbane
ALU Altium Information Technology 3,623,210,436 Samuel Weiss Chatswood
ALX Atlas Arteria Industrials 5,993,863,913 Debbie Goodin Bermuda
AMC Amcor Materials 12,997,008,427 Graeme Liebelt Warmley, Bristol, United Kingdom
AMP AMP Financials 3,814,625,158 Debra Hazelton Sydney
ANN Ansell Healthcare 5,081,971,142 John A Bevan Melbourne
ANZ Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Financials 81,809,326,750 Paul O'Sullivan Melbourne
APA APA Group Utilities 11,008,409,602 Michael Fraser Sydney
APE Eagers Automotive Consumer Discretionary 4,099,367,706 Timothy Boyd Crommelin Brisbane
SQ2 Block Inc. CDI Information Technology 27,475,711,683 Jack Dorsey San Francisco
ARB ARB Corporation Consumer Discretionary 3,447,251,812 Paul O'Sullivan Kilsyth
ARF Arena REIT Real Estate David Ross Melbourne
ASX ASX Financials 14,914,571,280 Damian Roche Sydney
AUB AUB Group Financials 1,472,445,404 David Clarke North Sydney
AWC Alumina Materials 5,048,925,666 Peter Day Southbank
AZJ Aurizon Industrials 6,792,197,694 Tim Poole Brisbane
AVZ AVZ Minerals Materials Perth
BAP Bapcor Consumer Discretionary 2,773,000,125 Margaret Anne Haseltine Preston
BEN Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Financials 5,860,403,299 Jacqueline Hey Bendigo
BGA Bega Cheese Consumer Staples 1,803,658,160 Barry Irvin Bega
BHP BHP Materials 142,476,102,671 Ken MacKenzie Melbourne/London
BKL Blackmores Consumer Staples 1,324,020,534 Anne Templeman-Jones Sydney
BKW Brickworks Materials 3,159,271,477 Robert D. Millner Sydney
BLD Boral Materials 8,242,021,345 Kathryn Fagg Sydney
BOQ Bank of Queensland Financials 5,755,188,276 Patrick Allaway Brisbane
BPT Beach Energy Energy 3,095,769,771 Glenn Davis Adelaide
BRN Brainchip Information Technology Los Angeles
BRG Breville Group Consumer Discretionary 3,907,015,408 Steven Fisher Sydney
BSL BlueScope Materials 11,164,346,278 John Bevan Melbourne
BWP BWP Trust Real Estate 2,781,521,867 Erich Fraunschiel Perth
BXB Brambles Industrials 15,851,589,131 John Mullen Sydney
CAR Carsales Communication Services 5,061,391,108 Patrick O’Sullivan Richmond
CBA Commonwealth Bank Financials 181,383,616,958 Catherine Livingstone Sydney
CCP Credit Corp Group Financials 1,994,566,176 Eric Dodd Sydney
CCX City Chic Collective Consumer Discretionary Sydney
CGC Costa Group Consumer Staples 1,335,389,194 Neil Chatfield Ravenhall
CGF Challenger Financials 3,681,127,599 Peter Polson Sydney
CHC Charter Hall Real Estate 6,786,372,799 David Clarke Sydney
CHN Chalice Mining Materials Perth
CIA Champion Iron Materials 3,367,002,491 Michael O'Keeffe Sydney
CIP Centuria Industrial REIT Real Estate 1,978,229,737 Garry Charny Sydney
CKF Collins Foods Consumer Discretionary 1,470,089,487 Robert Kaye Hamilton
CLW Charter Hall Long WALE REIT Real Estate 2,948,032,800 David Clarke Sydney
CMW Cromwell Property Group Real Estate 2,368,810,961 Gary Weiss Brisbane
CNI Centuria Capital Real Estate Sydney
CNU Chorus Communication Services 2,171,650,000 Patrick Strange Wellington
COH Cochlear Healthcare 15,055,393,862 Rick Holliday-Smith Sydney
COL Coles Group Consumer Staples 22,730,162,020 James Graham Melbourne
CPU Computershare Information Technology 9,834,750,883 Simon David Jones Melbourne
CRN Coronado Global Resources Materials Brisbane
CQR Charter Hall Retail REIT Real Estate 2,196,686,492 David Clarke Sydney
CSL CSL Healthcare 132,895,267,468 Brian McNamee Melbourne
CSR CSR Materials 2,917,150,484 John Gillam Sydney
CTD Corporate Travel Management Consumer Discretionary 2,999,997,097 Ewen Crouch Brisbane
CUV Clinuvel Pharmaceut Healthcare 1,424,005,941 Willem Blijdorp Melbourne
CWY Cleanaway Industrials 5,673,742,207 Mark Chellew Melbourne
CXO Core Lithium Materials Adelaide
DEG De Grey Mining Materials Perth
DHG Domain Group Communication Services 2,833,678,892 Nick Falloon Sydney
DMP Domino's Pizza Enterprises Consumer Discretionary 10,039,306,041 Jack Cowin Brisbane
DOW Downer Group Industrials 3,990,353,494 Michael Harding Sydney
DRR Deterra Royalties Materials 2,288,240,897 Jennifer Seabrook Perth
DXS Dexus Real Estate 11,336,457,693 Richard Sheppard Sydney
EDV Endeavour Group Consumer Staples Sydney
ELD Elders Consumer Staples 1,746,470,293 Ian Wilton Adelaide
EML EML Payments Information Technology 1,210,315,894 Peter Martin Brisbane
EVN Evolution Mining Materials 8,611,682,108 Jake Klein Sydney
EVT Event Hospitality and Entertainment Communication Services Alan Rydge Sydney
FBU Fletcher Building Industrials 6,008,829,273 Bruce Hassall Auckland
FLT Flight Centre Consumer Discretionary 3,179,210,670 Gary Smith Brisbane
FMG Fortescue Metals Group Materials 70,754,613,816 Andrew Forrest Perth
FPH Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Healthcare 15,674,345,734 Scott St John Auckland
GMG Goodman Group Real Estate 37,789,165,411 Stephen Jones Sydney
GNC GrainCorp Consumer Staples 1,185,472,153 Peter Richards Sydney
GOR Gold Road Res Materials 1,264,063,716 Tim Netscher Perth
GOZ Growthpoint Properties Real Estate 3,048,525,182 Geoffrey Tomlinson Melbourne
GPT GPT Group Real Estate 9,070,431,340 Vickki McFadden Sydney
GUD GUD Holdings Consumer Discretionary 1,165,490,457 Graeme Billings Melbourne
HDN HomeCo Daily Needs REIT Real Estate Sydney
HLS Healius Healthcare 2,710,144,569 Robert Hubbard Sydney
HMC Home Consortium Real Estate Sydney
HUB HUB24 Financials 1,879,162,423 Bruce Higgins Sydney
HVN Harvey Norman Consumer Discretionary 6,703,515,799 Gerry Harvey Sydney
IAG Insurance Australia Group Financials 12,941,776,082 Elizabeth Bryan Sydney
IEL Idp Education Consumer Discretionary 6,109,479,831 Peter Polson Melbourne
IFL Insignia Financial Financials 2,694,696,077 Allan Griffiths Melbourne
IGO Independence Group Materials 5,679,508,598 Peter Bilbe Perth
ILU Iluka Resources Materials 3,272,867,421 Greg Martin Perth
IMU Imugene Healthcare Paul Hopper Sydney
INA Ingenia Group Real Estate 1,937,752,810 Jim Hazel Sydney
ING Inghams Consumer Staples 1,393,798,504 Peter Bush Sydney
IPH IPH Industrials 1,466,126,096 Richard Grellman Sydney
IPL Incitec Pivot Materials 4,603,073,319 Brian Kruger Melbourne
IRE Iress Information Technology 2,060,860,096 Roger Sharp Melbourne
IVC InvoCare Consumer Discretionary 1,587,549,278 Bart Vogel Sydney
JBH JB Hi-Fi Consumer Discretionary 2,492,970,000 Melbourne
JHG Janus Henderson Financials 2,134,330,000 London
JHX James Hardie Materials 7,801,540,000 Dublin
KLS Kelsian Group Industrials 925,000,000 Jeffrey Ellison Adelaide
LIC Lifestyle Communities Real Estate Philippa Kelly Melbourne
LKE Lake Resources Materials Sydney
LLC Lendlease Real Estate 7,262,420,000 Sydney
LNK Link Admin Information Technology 4,044,590,000 Sydney
LTR Liontown Resources Materials Timothy Goyder Perth
LYC Lynas Materials 1,171,600,000 Sydney


Magellan Financial Group Financials 6,173,270,000 Hamish Douglass Sydney
MGR Mirvac Real Estate 9,401,550,000 Sydney
MIN Mineral Resources Materials 2,828,920,000 Perth
MP1 Megaport Information Technology Brisbane
MPL Medibank Financials 7,821,370,000 Elizabeth Alexander Melbourne
MQG Macquarie Group Financials 43,786,800,000 Peter Warne Sydney


Metcash Consumer Staples 2,373,160,000 Sydney
NAB National Australia Bank Financials 69,797,300,000 Philip Chronican Melbourne
NAN Nanosonics Healthcare 1,244,520,000 Sydney
NCM Newcrest Materials 18,683,900,000 Peter Hay Melbourne
NEC Nine Entertainment Communication Services 2,907,700,000 Benjamin Nhut Minh Vo Sydney
NHC New Hope Corporation Energy Brisbane
NHF Nib Financials 2,628,530,000 Newcastle
NIC Nickel Industries Limited Materials Sydney
NSR National Storage Real Estate 1,176,540,000 Brisbane
NST Northern Star Resources Materials 5,914,960,000 Bill Beament Perth
NUF Nufarm Materials 1,989,310,000 Melbourne
NVX Novonix Information Technology Anthony Bellas Brisbane
NWL Netwealth Group Financials 1,949,000,000 Melbourne
NWS News Corp Class B Communication Services 1,003,710,000 New York City
NXT NextDC Information Technology 2,144,410,000 Douglas Flynn Brisbane
ORA Orora Materials 3,801,060,000 Melbourne
ORG Origin Energy Utilities 12,949,500,000 Gordon Cairns Sydney
ORI Orica Materials 6,705,960,000 Malcolm Broomhead Melbourne
OZL Oz Minerals Materials 3,335,910,000 Adelaide
PBH Pointsbet Holdings Consumer Discretionary Melbourne
PDL Pendal Group Financials 2,728,500,000 Sydney
PDN Paladin Energy Energy Mark Lawrenson Perth
PLS Pilbara Minerals Materials 1,299,660,000 Perth
PME Pro Medicus Healthcare 2,648,000,000 Melbourne
PMV Premier Investments Consumer Discretionary 2,600,550,000 Melbourne
PNI Pinnacle Investment Management Financials Alan Watson Sydney
PPT Perpetual Financials 1,913,740,000 Sydney
PRU Perseus Mining Materials Perth


Qantas Industrials 9,314,970,000 Richard Goyder Sydney
QBE QBE Insurance Financials 16,409,200,000 Marty Becker Sydney
QUB Qube Holdings Industrials 4,463,420,000 Sydney
REA REA Group Communication Services 10,740,000,000 Owen Wilson Melbourne
REH Reece Group Industrials Melbourne
RHC Ramsay Health Care Healthcare 13,090,800,000 Craig McNally Sydney
RIO Rio Tinto Materials 35,696,200,000 Simon Thompson Melbourne/London
RMD ResMed Healthcare 5,723,900,000 San Diego, California
RMS Ramelius Resources Materials Perth
RRL Regis Resources Materials 2,711,520,000 Perth
RWC Reliance Worldwide Corporation Industrials 3,563,330,000 Atlanta
S32 South32 Materials 19,751,200,000 Graham Kerr Perth
SBM St Barbara Materials 2,343,580,000 Perth
SCG Scentre Group Real Estate 20,576,800,000 Sydney
SCP Shopping Centres Australasia Property Group Real Estate 2,230,650,000 Sydney
SDF Steadfast Group Financials 2,474,270,000 Sydney
SEK Seek Communication Services 6,467,920,000 Graham Goldsmith Melbourne
SFR Sandfire Resources Materials Derek Ferla Perth
SGM Sims Metal Materials 2,298,850,000 New York
SGP Stockland Real Estate 8,418,330,000 Sydney
SGR Star Entertainment Group Consumer Discretionary 4,063,740,000 Sydney
SHL Sonic Healthcare Healthcare 11,427,400,000 Mark Compton Sydney
SLR Silver Lake Resource Materials 1,381,000,000 Perth
SOL Washington H Soul Pattinson Energy 7,045,400,000 Robert Millner Sydney
STO Santos Energy 14,413,700,000 Keith Spence Adelaide
SUL Super Retail Group Consumer Discretionary 1,462,610,000 Brisbane
SUN Suncorp Financials 17,594,700,000 Christine McLoughlin Brisbane
SVW Seven Group Holdings Industrials 6,566,570,000 Kerry Stokes Sydney
TLX Telix Pharmaceuticals Healthcare Melbourne
TAH Tabcorp Consumer Discretionary 9,513,740,000 Paula Dwyer Melbourne
TCL Transurban Industrials 33,360,800,000 Melbourne
TLC The Lottery Corporation Consumer Discretionary Sydney
TLS Telstra Communication Services 37,226,000,000 John Mullen Melbourne
TNE TechnologyOne Information Technology 2,340,340,000 Adrian Di Marco Brisbane
TPG TPG Telecom Communication Services 6,179,220,000 David Teoh Sydney
TWE Treasury Wine Estates Consumer Staples 10,765,600,000 Paul Rayner Melbourne
TYR Tyro Payments Information Technology Sydney
UMG United Malt Group Consumer Staples Graham Bradley Sydney
UWL Uniti Group Communication Services Adelaide
VCX Vicinity Centres Real Estate 9,424,880,000 Melbourne
VEA Viva Energy Energy 4,686,330,000 Melbourne
VUK Virgin Money UK plc Financials 2,934,000,000 Newcastle upon Tyne
WBC Westpac Financials 92,946,500,000 Lindsay Maxted Sydney
WEB Webjet Consumer Discretionary 2,122,160,000 Melbourne
WES Wesfarmers Consumer Discretionary 37,620,800,000 Michael Chaney Perth
WHC Whitehaven Coal Energy 4,514,600,000 Sydney
WOR Worley Energy 6,870,040,000 John Grill Sydney
WOW Woolworths Consumer Staples 37,770,300,000 Gordon Cairns Sydney
WDS Woodside Energy Energy 33,935,500,000 Richard Goyder Perth
WPR Waypoint REIT[16] Real Estate 1,756,310,000 Melbourne
WTC Wisetech Global Information Technology 5,798,960,000 Andrew Harrison Sydney
XRO Xero Information Technology 6,685,840,000 Graham Smith Wellington
ZIP Zip Financials Sydney

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