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Vera Galis Metal Construction[edit]


Vera Galis (Delft 1959) Is a well known Dutch artist working and living in the dutch city Gorinchem. Her works of art are remarkable and have a graet cultural value. She creates her metal constructions with mathematical precision and dedication. She makes both small statues and large commissioned object.Yet whatever the dimensions, each work of art is constructed entirely by Vera Galis herself.

Vera Galis makes use of metal wire, small metal sheets or combinations of the two. The metal that she uses are stainless steel, alpaca, brass, copper and gold. In spite of the hardness of these materials , her constructions of these materials, her costructions are light and spacious, sometimes even suggesting to float in the air. The use of hinged elements adds to the impression of lightness. She creates a transparant, ethereal world wich not only transmits light, but also reflects it. The ever changing interplay of lines and colours is particularly striking when you walk around the objects. As she plays with space, it is no accident that her contructions bear an architectural halmark. Placed in or near a building a facinating interplay emerges between architecture and art object.

Objects of Vera Galis are be found at; The Philips Evoluon, Eindhoven. The Ministry for Housing, Regional development and Environment (VROM), at The Hague. And various other govermental institutes, buildings and locations like in the cities Zwolle and Heerhugowaard. Zenbuilding, Utrecht, by SFB for Price Waterhous Coopers. Operation Controle Centre (OCC) Schiphol Airport by KLM. El Corte , Tango School, Nijmegen.

Her smaller objects are purchased by museums and art collectors and various architects.